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Your POW Marketing System presents the Preservation Of Wealth opportunity in a professional yet personal way. Your prospect now has all the information they need to join the program from you without needing additional conference calls or three-way calls with your upline. Also, your prospects experience how easy it is for them to introduce the business to others.

Your POW Marketing System will actually help you sign up more people because they see a system that eliminates the need for them to have to explain the program! You can finally Prospect like a Pro with no experience neccessary!

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Your Preservation Of Wealth Automated
Marketing System

The only thing standing between you and the success you desire with POW is a professional marketing system and a consistent & reliable flow of targeted prospects and signups.

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Your system walks your prospect through a complete sales process.
Includes capture pages, exclusive POW Marketing System overview page and professional follow up messages.
Two custom sales systems set up for you. One for Buyers and one for builders
Presents the business to your prospect in a professional yet personal way with a LIVE webinar feel
Does the "Telling & Selling" for you then sends the prospect to your POW website to join.

Advanced Features

Your system walks your prospect through a complete sales process.
Our system doesn't have personal branding on it so you're not building someone else's name or face while building YOUR business.
You can MASK your pages to ensure YOUR domain shows continuously.
We don't post Testimonials with First, Last and State of the distributor so no more worrying about losing prospects and sales to "featured" distributors.

Additional Contact Manager Functions

Your POW Marketing system can be integrated with aWeber or Get Response if you already have an account.
You get an email and text notification the moment someone opts into your capture page.
Detailed statistics about who is visiting your pages and what type of conversion ratio your capture page has.
You can code links to be used for tracking your advertising.
Easily edit your leads with updated or corrected information.

Extensive Training Portal

We have a whole library of resources that will help you get started and turn you into a marketing guru.
Quick Start POW marketing manual that holds your hand in a Step-By-Step fashion on how to build and grow your POW business.
Access to proven marketing methods that will uncover and find prospects like crazy.
Discover the latest techniques, tips and tricks for generating leads on Auto-Pilot.
Access to POWMarketingSystem.com Exclusive paid marketing campaigns and Done-For-You Services such as custom blogs and facebook fanpages.

Market Your POW Business Like A Pro!
Use the POW Marketing System and watch your prospects CALL YOU
ready to sign up or even better, AFTER they've already signed up on your site!
With our System you'll have the complete system set up in MINUTES!
No complicated set up like other programs.

***Added Bonus:  Earn $5 bucks per month for every POW Marketing
System your POW member gets through you...
...which gives you another revenue stream.

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